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Video Pitch Meeting Critique


What is a Pitch Meeting?

The pitch meeting is your time to shine. It's your chance to entice the retail Buyer with your brand.  You'll address questions like...What makes your brand special? Why should the Buyer care to bring it in their assortment? What need does it solve? Why are you the right company to solve that need? Needless to say, it's a one time shot and it's crucial that you get it right.  If done right, it can be the thing that catapults your company from making $100,00 in a year to $100,000+ in a week.

The Very Few

But those $100,000+/week brands are few and far in between. Often times, brands fail, not because they don't have a great product.  But because they don't get the pitch right. I know this, because over the years, I've worked as a Buyer for some of the country's largest retailers. Unfortunately, I've had to turn down countless brands, simply because they didn't properly pitch their brand. Maybe they came off as unprepared, which would have cast doubt on their reliability as a brand. Or perhaps, they lacked market/consumer insights, which may have called to question the relevance of their product. Or perhaps they didn't have final samples of their product, which may have called to question their financial and/or operational health. Not to mention the fact that if you're pitching to an established retailer, you're competing with the "Big Boys". Meaning, multi-billion dollar corporations that have an entire sales force dedicated to this very thing (think Nestle, Cuisinart, Nike, etc).

Bird's Eye View Meeting Table
Working Alone at Desk

Preparing for Your Pitch

If that wasn't enough, expectations and needs will vary by retailer.  Additionally, the time allotted for a pitch meeting can range anywhere from 10 mins to an hour. Sound stressful? How does a small brand trying to get their foot in the door, even prepare for that?  No fear, we've got you covered.

Our Pitch Meeting Video Critiques are meant to simulate an actual pitch meeting. Not only will it give you an advantage over the competition, but it will give you insight into what Buyers look for and what information to prioritize.  You'll get a first hand account of what to expect in a typical pitch meeting, and you'll get real time feedback from an actual Buyer.

What to Expect?

Each session is 50 mins and is comprised of the following:

  • Introductions (5 mins): You'll be able to introduce your team (up to 4 attendees allowed per session) and the Buyer will explain what to expect from the session

  • The Pitch (20 mins): You and your team will be able to present your pitch

  • Buyer Questions: Once you've completed your pitch, you will be asked commonly asked questions. (5 mins)

  • Buyer Feedback (10 mins): You'll be given comprehensive feedback from an actual Buyer on ways to further improve your pitch

  • Q&A (10mins): You'll be allotted time to ask the Buyer questions.

Price: $249/session

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